Vishesh (Privilege)

About the Film

Vishesh (English title: Privilege) is an upcoming Rajasthani experimental feature film written and directed by GhanShyam Singh Odint and produced by Neeraj Kanwar for Odint FIlms in association with JayPrakash Soni.

Intoducing new talents MaghRaj Luhar, JayPrakash Soni, Prakash Jangir, Girdhari Sharma and Sangeeta Shekhawat in lead roles the film has been completely shot in Rajasthan.

Film has been completed and being submitted to the renowned film festivals across the globe. Film's socio-political storyline revolves around the caste based reservation system in India and film is slated to be released in end of the 2017.

Here is the teaser of the film..

Team Vishesh

Meet the young team behind the film.


Neeraj Kanwar


She is the co-founder of Odint Films and wife of Director GhanShyam Singh Odint. She has produced upcoming Rajasthani Feature Film VISHESH in association with JayPrakash Soni.

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GhanShyam Singh Odint

Writer, Director & Editor

He is a Writer, Director and Editor. He has been working in the Indian Film industry for many years. Before started working independent he assisted many notable Directors (Legends like Saawan Kumar) of Bollywood in Films and TV serials.

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Neeraj Sharma

Creative Director & VFX Expert

He is a multi-talented filmmaker, expert in many aspects of Film-making from Editing to Direction and specializing in VFX. He has studied VFX but worked in many TV serials as an Assistant Director and Assistant Creative Director.

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Maghraj Luhar

Lead Actor

He has acted in widely acclaimed short film 'Saudo' with Director GhanShyam Singh Odint. This time both collaborate for the feature.

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JayPrakash Soni

Lead Actor & Associate Producer

Businessman by profession and film enthusiast by passion, the 24x7 available, humble guy has been the big support in getting the film made.

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prakash ji

Prakash Jangir

Gareebo ka Peeyush Mishra

Only word to define him is: Multi-Talented. He has Acted, written the lyrics, created music, helped in scriptwriting and many more odd jobs.

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